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The Q’eros Community is known as the last Inca Ayllu. That means it is the last family descended from the Inca empire. It is a community located among the Cordillera de Los Andes, department of Cuzco-Peru, Perú.

Before 1955, the community was not known to the world. In 2017, it was declared a Living Cultural Heritage by the Peruvian Minister of Cultures; and today, it is known worldwide for its mystical ancestral knowledge.


Q’ero spirituality is known today as Shamanism, an ancient practice where the spirit world can be experienced first-hand. It is not a religion nor does it have specific rules or dogma. Shamanism is the oldest healing method known.  A core principle of Shamanism is that everything has a consciousness and the ability to communicate. Communication is possible because all creation is spiritually interconnected, and each person is a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds of creation. In the Q’ero tradition, Shamans are known as paqos.

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Q'ero Cosmology

Q’ero cosmology comprises three levels of creation. The three worlds are the Upper world of Hanan Pacha represented by the condor, the middle world, or Kay Pacha represented by the puma, and the lower world or Huju Pacha represented by the snake.

These worlds are the Upper world or Hanan Pacha, sky or heaven. This upper or superior world is defined by its abundance of super-refined energy or sami. This is the realm of the angels, ascended masters, and teachers. The divine source of all resides in this realm and provides the source of light energy from where humanity awakens its vision. This level of creation is represented the largest of all birds, the condor.