Don Eduardo Chura Apaza was born in the Q’ero Community that cultivates and develops the wisdom and knowledge about the ancestral healing (Andean priest) that is part of a long line of masters of Andean medicine of the Quechuas Qeros located in the Upper Andes of Peru, performing ceremonies and healings with the intention of spreading the sacred teachings of his father Francisco Chura Flores , known internationally as an Andean priest or great paqo (pampamisayoq).

Don Eduardo is heir, teacher, shaman, Andean priest or paqo (pampamisyuq), with extensive experience of more than 20 years developing knowledge of Andean ancestral medicine, spiritual, mental and physical healing, creating human consciousness through meditation, ceremonies and karpay. (Spiritual Initiation) and in the energetic places PACHAMAMA (Mother Earth) and APUS (sacred mountains) understanding that for the Andean worldview all elements of nature have living energy.

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